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Types of fitness supplements and how they benefit the users

As per a famous saying, a healthy mind resides inside a healthy body. It is very important to maintain good health to be able to perform everyday tasks and prevent ailments or diseases. While everything has evolved, so has the desire for a fit physique. People wish for a picture-perfect body without having to spend long hours jogging or exercising. A fit lifestyle is everyone’s top priority. However, the drastic changes in lives, lack of natural nutrition sources, and sedentary routines have made this rather difficult. People can now only wish for a fit body but not achieve it. Intake of pure diet is a feat impossible to achieve, all due to food adulteration. Walk or jogging is not possible, thanks to tough and time-consuming workplace routines. Binge-watching shows eliminate any remaining traces of exercise or jogging. So how does one get the best nutrition?

Science has evolved with time and according to alterations in human preferences. The same is with nutrition sciences. The field of medicine and sports nutrition has progressed to cater to the needs of those who need to be in a fit state for competitions or to simply fill the gaps in their existing nutritional regimens. These fitness supplements are like a prayer answered for all those in search of relatively quicker solutions to their dietary needs. Several types of supplements suit varying needs. We shall discuss some common ones and how they benefit their users.

Whey Protein

The most famous and common type of fitness supplement is whey protein. Whey is extracted from milk during the curdling process and holds immense health benefits. It is abundant in proteins and carbohydrates. Also known as protein powder, whey protein supplements are the surest way of providing the best nutrients to the body to gain lean muscle mass and provide energy for metabolic processes. Whey protein is further divided into three types based on its further processing: isolate whey protein, whey protein concentrate, and hydrolyzed whey protein. Isolate whey is the purest form of whey protein with only 10% carbohydrate and 90% pure protein; concentrates have both carbs and proteins; the hydrolyzed types are processed to partially digested forms to facilitate digestion and prevent bloating associated with the digestion of milk. The isolated whey is an ideal protein powder for weight loss. Whey protein is the most recommended fitness supplement for all fitness enthusiasts from elite athletes to regular gym-goers. They are suitable both for individuals looking to gain weight or lose weight. The difference is in their overall ingredient profile and ratios.

Aminos and BCAAs

Many individuals seek to gain healthy muscle mass without putting on weight. Unfortunately, the commonly available muscle gain diet plans are accompanied by extra calories that cause putting on some kilos on the body. The solution is to stack up on proteins and amino and cut down on carbs. Aminos and BCAAs serve the exact purpose. Amino supplements contain all 21 essential amino acids while the BCAAs are a specialized type of essential amino acids exclusive in their function of muscle regeneration. Valine, Leucine, and Isoleucine are branched amino acids that target the body’s muscles and provide growth and strength to exercising muscles.

There are several BCAA supplements available in the market that promise encouraging results. The best BCAA supplement is determined by individual needs and requirements. It is best to seek advice or consultation from a certified fitness trainer to pick the most suitable product according to your body type, activity level, and fitness goals.


These supplements are rather exclusive in their function and are suitable for specific persons. Pre-workout supplements, as the name suggests, are fitness supplements that are taken before a workout session. They not only provide the necessary energy boost to go through an exercise session but also contain measured amounts of essential elements and beneficial components that make sure a trainer gets the best out of their workout routine.

A typical pre-workout contains caffeine for alertness and focus, a measured number of sugars as an energy source, BCAAs for muscle support, and amino acids as a source of protein.

Pre-workouts are ideal when consumed before a workout session begins. However, they are also taken in between workouts to provide the necessary energy and allow the body to best assimilate the beneficial components present.

Weight Gainer

The struggle of gaining weight is as real as that of losing it. Many individuals have a hard time gaining weight, or their regular daily diet is lacking in the key ingredients that ensure weight gain. From a sports point of view, bodybuilders and weightlifters require some minimum weight requirements to be eligible to participate in the event. Weight gainer shakes allow such people to meet their targets and achieve their desired weight in no time without compromising on their overall health and well-being. These supplements provide carbohydrates and proteins to allow healthy gain.

Contrary to common belief, weight gainers are completely safe and free from steroids or artificial boosters. However, this is only true for an authentic product from a renowned and trusted brand. Counterfeit products or products manufactured by low-quality manufacturers can cause more harm than benefit and wreak havoc on the body.


Staying fit in today’s artificial environment is not easy. People need to opt for support nutrition to fulfill their nutritional needs. Fitness supplements help achieve the required goals, and the best part is that they have no side effects. It is, however, very important to maintain a healthy and balanced diet and follow regular exercise to make sure your product delivers what it promises. In addition, make sure to buy your supplements only from an authentic and trusted store that stocks only genuine and world-leading products.

NutroJenix is such a place where only the top reviewed and most effective sports nutrition supplements are stocked from the best global brands. Our state-of-the-art outlet has the best variety of products and our expert team of certified fitness trainers is always there to provide expert consultation and personalized diet plans tailored to individual needs.

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