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Selecting a Pre-Workout Supplement : How to Go About It

Pre-Workout Supplement
Pre-Workout Supplement

Pre-workouts are products that are used before a workout session. The ingredients in a pre-workout provide all the needed components for an active and energetic session along with the benefits much needed by the body. Several renowned brands have their exclusive product lines of pre-workout, and each of them guarantees promising results. However, not all pre-workout supplement are the same.

This article helps us look deeper into what pre-workouts are and how to pick the one according to our needs.

What are Pre-Workouts

As mentioned, pre-workouts are supplements consumed before a training session. The specific timing for these supplements is due to the presence of caffeine, which provides mental alertness and energy. In addition, they also have BCAAs and proteins. Some pre-workouts have certain amounts of sugars and carbohydrates to provide the body with necessary energy to go through the workout session. In addition, a typical pre-workout has components to enhance the body’s endurance.

Why take Pre-workouts

Professional bodybuilders or aspiring athletes training for an event need to prepare their body for enduring stress and lift weight. This is why such sportspersons need to hit the gym regularly. Weightlifters and bodybuilders in particular need to lift heavy weights. Other fitness trainees and sportsmen need to spend hours in the gym to complete each session.

While this may not sound like a problem to a commoner, doing strenuous exercise for a long time can cause considerable muscle damage and fatigue. The body feels tired and there is no motivation left to continue the session the next day. Pre-workout supplements are a blend of ingredients that address both these concerns. They provide energy and focus and prepare the body for stress by repairing muscle damage and increasing stamina.

How to choose a Pre-workout

There are many factors to consider when choosing a pre-workout. We look at all factors individually.

Fitness Goals

Although a boost of energy is needed for a successful training session, not all workouts need a pre-workout supplementation. A pre-workout is needed usually for gym trainers who indulge in heavy exercise with weightlifting or long hours of training.

Even for those who do long and heavy training, not all individuals may have the same routines or needs. This is why different pre-workouts have different ratios of ingredients. For example, the Psychotic Red by Insane Labz and JNX The Shadow have more energy-providing compounds and more caffeine. Such a profile is needed by elite trainers. For a regular trainer, it may be too much.

Ingredient Profile

A typical pre-workout contains caffeine, sugars, beta-alanine and other compounds that act as a nitrous oxide precursor. Zoomad Labz pre-workout contains 200mg of caffeine while Cellocor C4 ripped has only 150mg of caffeine. On the other hand, Psychotic Red by Insane Labz has 475mg of caffeine. Each gym goer can choose their desired pre-workout based on how much caffeine they need.

Similarly, users also look out for products with natural extracts. JNX, Kaged Muscle, Cellcor offer natural extracts in their pre-workout supplements.


Some pre-workouts have longer-lasting effects than others. JNX and Insane Labz promise jitter-free energy for up to 3 hours. Such pre-workouts are suitable foe trainers who train for long hours and need uninterrupted energy supply.

However, a trainer working out for about an hour and usually using just the treadmill with a bit of cardio may not need a pre-workout with such profile. Some pre-workouts specifically mention their suitability only for hard-gainers.

Proof of Results

It is always a good idea to choose pre-workouts that are third-party tested for their results and benefits. Muscle Pharma is a favored brand in this respect as it tests each of its products for efficacy in independent trials. Go for a pre-workout that has earned a good reputation among its users too.


Selecting pre-workout supplement requires caution and research. Picking and using a random pre-workout may cause harm to your health. It is best to consult a physician before taking any supplement. A certified fitness trainer or expert can also help in this matter and recommend the best pre-workout tailored to your needs.

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