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Rule1 – The Missing Element Of Your Routine


Rule1 is the missing element of your routine and this is under no circumstances an exaggeration.


The parent company of Rule1 is Nutrivo. Its founders with help of their extensive experience in the field of fitness and sports, supplements saw a dire need for improvement and introduced their company which introduced a new standard of quality and excellence which to this day remains unmatched. Rule1 is specifically birthed to help its customers to achieve their fitness goals safely with success.

Rule1, Your Missing Piece

Rule1 is the missing piece of your workout routine. It has all those elements that you need in a sports supplement that will completely transform your fitness routine. Results that come quickly and efficiently.

Easily mixable:

Rule1 is easily mixable in water as well as milk. The formula is made so that it completely clumps free. When added into water or milk, it does not at all form clumps and easily gets mixed. It allows its consumers to mix themselves with a healthy and effective supplement quickly. Their pre and post work out supplements all are more than just good and exactly what you need. Only looking at the ingredient profile of Rule1 products, in general, will let you know how good and effective their products are.

Free of toxins:

Rule1 products are free of toxic elements and products. Often you would find sports supplements that promise a lot but harm their consumers in return due to the use of harmful and toxic elements. Rule1 is free of all harmful and toxic elements so that it is completely safe to use. Tested repeatedly in laboratories, it is entirely safe to use.

Respects dietary restrictions:

Rule1 products, not all but many are respecting of dietary restrictions of their consumers. Gluten-free, vegan and halal products are made with great care and quality so their consumers can have the best for themselves.


Rule1 easily consists of such ingredients that aid their consumers to get the best of results from their workouts and training, helping them achieve their fitness goals. A few of the ingredients that are expected to be found in almost every rule 1 product is:

· Protein:

Let it be weight gainers or weight loss supplements there are going to be proteins in their ingredient list. Although there are going to be comparatively less protein in weight loss supplements are present nonetheless.

Proteins are very important when it comes to the development of muscles in the body. It not only helps to develop muscles in your body but also is a complex bond that upon breaking gives high energy.

The protein present in Rule1 products is either obtained from whey or is hydrolysed. Their products consist of pure protein. While there are proteins present in food in general, it is not enough to sedate the human body’s needs when put through extensive exercise and training.

The pure protein present in Rule1 will allow the body to grow and develop accordingly and help it achieve its fitness goals.

· Cocoa:

Cocoa is also present in Rule1 formulas usually. Caffeine is derived from the cocoa plant. Caffeine is the worlds most frequently used psychoactive drug. It is essentially a nervous system stimulant. Caffeine is taken to increase energy and focus in consumers. Caffeine is added into most of the Rule1 products so that it gives consumers the boost of energy it needs to get through a tiring workout or training session. Caffeine is also well known and used to increase and sharpen focus. Focus helps the consumer to stay motivated and keep training to keep themselves for and actively achieve their fitness goals. Present in their products in a balanced amount, it helps the consumers to keep themselves fit and even when using added help from supplements not put their health at risk.

· Minerals:

Rule1 products consist of minerals like sodium, potassium, iron, calcium and phosphorus etc. These minerals are essential for human health. They keep the human body in balanced health and maintain all necessary bodily functions. While ample quantities of protein and carbohydrates are necessary to achieve one’s fitness goals, the body will not respond well to the intake of proteins and carbohydrates or workouts if the minerals are not keeping it balanced.

It is necessary to have the appropriate amount of iron in the human body such that it helps in the development of red blood cells, haemoglobin and muscle cells, myoglobin. Such that iron is essential for human health and to achieve your desired fitness goal.

Calcium helps to strengthen the bones in the human body. The majority of calcium in the human body is present in bones and it is where the body derives its strength from.

Sodium is essential for human health. It is both a mineral and an electrolyte. It aids to keep the fluid balance in the human body and also helps in the function of muscles and nerves. Potassium also helps in the function of muscles and nerves and also helps the muscles to contract. Potassium also helps avoid the negative effect of sodium on blood pressure.

· Artificial Flavours:

Rule1 is also known for the wide range of flavours that make being healthy less of a chore. With their yummy flavours that are nothing less than perfection, Rule1 will keep you coming back for more.  Although rule1 consists of artificial flavouring, this flavouring does not consist of any harmful or toxic ingredient. All the flavours are articulated so that they do not harm the body or lag the process of their consumers achieving their fitness goals.

· Carbohydrates:

Carbohydrates are complex macromolecules. Carbohydrates are engines of energy. Rule1 consists of an appropriate amount of carbohydrates so that it provides consumers with enough energy to power through their workout with ease.

These ingredients are a testimony to the quality and efficiency of the Rule1 products. They are designed to help their customers like never before and to keep them coming back for more. Especially made to help them achieve their goals safely and effectively.

Rule 1 is a marriage of high quality, dedication and efficiency. With their intelligently compacted formulas, tasty flavours and effective and easy to use products they made sure to provide their consumers with an experience they would never forget and keep coming back for more. Working out is great for your health and your fitness goal but Rule1 is the missing piece of your fitness regime that will completely transform your experience of fitness and training.

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