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Rule 1 R1 Protein: Product Review

Rule1, the giant of protein supplement, was developed in 2014 by Nutrivo LLC Chicago. This venture was an opportunity for the owners to collaborate and involve their sons in the nutrition supplement business. Undoubtedly, it has not only paid off but has also taken the fitness world by storm. Today, RULE1 is the most sought-after product for gym fitness and athletic performance.

About the Product Range

RULE1 is a manufacturer of fitness supplements and apparel. It deals exclusively in protein-based products such as Whey Isolates, Aminos, Glutamines, and Creatins. In addition, it also offers a wide range of support nutrition such as multivitamins, weight gainers, snacks, and bars. What makes RULE1 a premium brand is its exclusive product ranges for men and women. Products are categorized into pre-, inter-, and post-workout too. This provides additional comfort to customers to shop for products according to their needs and routines.

Being a protein-based product manufacturer, RULE1 undoubtedly excels in this area. We will discuss their products in this range and their ratings and reviews by athletes and bodybuilders.

R1 Protein

RULE1’s exclusive protein products line is R1. It features a number of products that vary mainly in their composition that is, being concentrates, blends, isolates, or hydrolysates. Products also differ in forms such as powders or bars and snacks.

The most famous one is the R1 Protein, which is a combination of Whey Isolate and Whey Hydrolysate. This product is free from any additives or artificial ingredients. It comes in 14 flavors and 4 sizes.

Nutritional Value

R1 Protein has a serving size of one scoop, which is 30.4 grams of the product. Each serving contains 50% proteins. Fat content is either 1% or zero, depending on the flavor. In addition to this, R1 Whey Blend also contains calcium, potassium, and vitamin. This composition makes it the favorite product among the majority of fitness trainers and gym-goers.


Ingredient Profile

Ingredients mentioned at the back of a product packing are often considered a publicity gimmick. However, users vouch that it is not the case with R1 Protein. Users have testified in favor of the mentioned ingredients, and certify that R1 really is free from sweeteners and artificial contents.

Mixability and Taste

R1 Protein has a smooth texture that mixes quickly without forming lumps. Users have tried various flavors and every flavor is met with appreciation. What sets R1 Protein apart from its competitors is how original the flavor feels when consumed. A user opted for the Fruity Cereal flavor and described how it really did taste like fruity cereal without that weird aftertaste that is usually experienced with supplements.

R1 Protein has a smooth texture, which provides a visual appeal. People like to consume what looks and smells good. R1 Protein aces in that respect.


All users who have tried the R1 Protein appreciate its digestibility. The product is not heavy on the stomach, thanks to its hydrolysate formula, which is designed for the exact purpose. It does not cause any bloating or flatulence.

The exclusive protein content of R1 protein is most effective in providing the daily protein requirement for athletes and gym trainees. Since it contains BCAAs too, users do not have to take separate BCAA supplements. One serving of R1 Protein provides the necessary dosage of proteins and BCAAs both. Some users take the supplement for breakfast as a meal replacement while others consume it after a workout. In both cases, users have experienced positive muscle gain without any unwanted fain gain.


Many people consider R1 Protein to be an underrated product. They are of the opinion that the product is not as publicized as its results. This product has undoubtedly swept people off their feet and enjoys the status of being the most sought-after protein product.

R1 Protein is available at NutroJenix retail outlet in Johar Town, Lahore, Pakistan, and at its online store at

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