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Product Overview of a Top-Notch BCAA Supplement

BCAA Supplement

Quite a few companies are operating in the sports nutrition market. Still, giant product rules are key characteristics of quality and product range due to their wide product range and price point. Among several successful ventures by many world-renowned brands, another one that has swept the fitness world off its feet is the MegaSport BCAA Supplement.

MegaSport was incepted in 2000 with its products targeting the sports nutrition market. Since its inception more than 20-years back, the sports nutrition market has gone through many changes like any other product market. The manufacturers and researchers at MegaSport have had a keen eye on the changing market dynamics and ever-evolving needs of its consumer to cater to the upcoming needs. The R&D department has strived to introduce new products and refine its current offerings. Surviving and growing in the saturated sports nutrition market for more than 20 years is a sign that MegaSport knows what it is doing and is best at what it does.

The brand has a line of effective sports supplements to its credit. However, we have chosen to discuss its benchmark BCAA supplement that has awe-inspired users and critics. We shall discuss what makes this BCAA Supplements In Pakistan a sought-after product in detail.

What is BCAA

BCAA is an abbreviation for Branched-Chain Amino Acids; BCAA’s are a combination of leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Branched-Chain refers to the structure of these amino acids, which, as the name indicates, are branched. BCAA is naturally found in meat, dairy, and legumes. It is responsible for building muscle protein that stimulates muscle growth and repair simultaneously. BCAA is also considered very helpful while curing liver diseases since it reduces brain function that triggers these diseases and for movement disorders caused by antipsychotic drugs. While these benefits are well known and well researched, the world has come to know of the BCAAs due to their benefits to all fitness enthusiasts out there. Other than the mentioned diseases, it is a fan favorite when focusing on improving athletic performance, lower muscle damage and breakdown, and less fatigue.


One of the major factors that make this a fan favorite is its vegan base. With changing times, customer preferences have changed too. People now prefer vegan products due to their clean ingredient profiles. This product is included in the best vegan BCAA supplements list because it is offered in a vegan-friendly form. It is known for its muscle growth acceleration, high athletic endurance, high energy and muscle strength, and soreness reduction in muscle, among many others.


This BCAA supplement contains Gelatin, Magnesium stearate free of yeast, wheat, milk or milk derivatives, lactose, sugar, preservatives, and flavor mixed in perfect balance and harmony.

What you get from 1 serving of this BCAA supplement:

The prescribed serving is 4-capsules per serving for adults, it is not just four capsules that you consume, but these four capsules hold all the essential ingredients vital for any individual. Below are a few of the most desired ingredients.

•        Vitamin B6 (As Pyridoxine Hydrochloride)          16mg

•        L-Valine                                                        500mg

•        L-Leucine                                                       1000mg

•        L-Isoleucine                                                   500mg


Numerous benefits are associated with the continued use of this BCAA supplement. As per various studies conducted, this BCAA has a similar effect on glucose as insulin. When consumed before a workout, this product is oxidized by skeletal muscles and is transformed into energy during the workout. Lactic acids are built during exercise that halts the body’s glucose metabolism and is thus associated with the muscle fatigue experienced during intense strength training or general muscle exertion. Our product decreases the level of lactic acid produced, keeping glucose metabolism working, thereby keeping fatigued and lethargy at bay. It has shown satisfactory results on blood glucose during exercises. BCAA by MegaSport helps reduce Free Fatty-Acids (FFA) levels during workouts, decreasing tryptophan. Tryptophan enters the brain, resulting in fatigue; consuming this supplement help reduce tryptophan transfer to the brain, which results in lower fatigue sensations.

Another great benefit of this supplement is its effectiveness for men and women alike. This BCAA supplement is also highly beneficial for women. Women targeting weight loss have found it to be of great help because it has lower carb levels that are beneficial for losing weight. BCAA triggers lean mass muscle development & fat loss and is ideal for women with calorie-deficient diets. Women seeking weight loss need more calories than fat to maintain their muscle mass. This supplement targets lean muscle mass while reducing fats, making it an ideal choice for women seeking to lose weight while maintaining perfect health. It helps women manage their appetite, and reduced appetite results in weight loss. Leucine plays a vital role in reducing craving levels. Leucine boosts mTOR levels that signal to the human brain that the body has met its nutritional needs, resulting in low appetite and ease of losing weight.

Women, in general, are multi-taskers, having many responsibilities they need to fulfill as compared to their counterparts. Massive strength levels are required to get through the responsibilities; regular food cannot help replenish the much-needed energy levels. MegaSport BCAA makes sure that sufficient levels of amino acids are available all the time that help reduce stress levels, reduces muscle loss, and reduce weight gain risks.


The benchmark BCAA supplement manufactured by MegaSport is an ideal supplement diet for men and women alike. It is the result of the continuous quest of researchers at MegaSport. They have introduced a product that can provide all the essential ingredients required from a health supplement. It is not specific to athletes only but is ideal for anyone looking for lean muscle development, weight loss, high endurance levels, or just an overall healthy body.

Although fitness supplements are highly effective in their action, another way of making the best out of them is to make sure you buy them only from a reliable and trusted store. NutroJenix is one retailer that stocks only authentic products from top brands worldwide.

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