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Kevin Levrone Signature Series: Straight From the Bodybuilder

Kevin Levrone Signature Series

Kevin Levrone’s name is not a new one. Any person familiar with the world of training and bodybuilding knows this man and idealizes him too. Recently, he has launched his line of fitness supplements by the title of “Kevin Levrone Signature Series,” and it will not be an underestimation to say it has taken the world by storm. We shall discuss what makes the man a legend, the product series a success in this blog.

Kevin LevronE – The Uncrowned King

Kevin Mark Levrone is an American IFBB legend who made his name in the world of bodybuilding by participating in the IFBB and Mr. Oylmpia Championships. After winning the NPC Finals, Levrone made his IFBB career in 1991. His debut in Mr. Olympia secured him the 2nd position. Still, he sustained a terrible injury in February 1993, completely shredding his major and minor pectorals when bench-pressing 600 pounds, and he needed emergency surgery to reattach them. He underwent two procedures, the first of which lasted eight hours and was followed by an infection that necessitated a second surgery. Everyone assumed Levrone’s career was made at the time, yet he came back in contest shape for the 1994 Mr. Olympia only eight weeks later and finished fifth.

After placing second in his last competition in 2002, Levrone took a decade-long break, which made everyone assume his bodybuilding days were over. Yet he returned with a bang in 2016 at the age of 51. Although he couldn’t win, his resilience, and the unmatched ability to be in competition shape within months instead of years, earned him the title of The Uncrowned King.

Kevin Levrone decided to share his secret with all elite and aspiring bodybuilders and trainers through the Kevin Levrone Signature Series.

Kevin Levrone Signature Series

Even during his IFBB career, competitors and the general public were always in awe of how Kevin managed to recover so fast and be so ready so early for competitions. The secret lies in diet, routine, exercise, and supplementation. Yes, all athletes and professional trainers undergo some special supplementation that prepares them for the challenges ahead. Kevin decided to share his secrets with everyone out there. Thus came the Kevin Levrone Signature Series. The Signature Series has several products that have been carefully monitored and formulated to provide the same benefits as Kevin received.

Levro Iso Whey

The first product in the Signature Series is the Levro Iso Whey. This is a premium Whey protein isolate that provides the purest protein to the users. The product is free from all unnecessary fats and sugars. This gives the user a guarantee that their product will deliver nothing but premium whey protein, which is highly beneficial for muscle growth and support. Levro Iso Whey is equally effective for elite athletes, veteran bodybuilders, aspiring fitness enthusiasts and regular gym junkies.

Levro Lean

Levro Lean is a fat burner. The product comes in 90 tablets that boost weight loss and assist in attaining the picture-perfect slim physique. Say goodbye to unwanted fat and lumpy muscles and get a toned, maintained shape with these miracle tablets. The product has caffeine, vitamins and natural plant extracts to aid healthy weight loss. Kevin Levrone recommends a healthy diet and consistent exercise routine to make the most out of these fat burners.

Levro Legendary Mass

Cutting down on fat is not the only challenge. Gaining weight is a real struggle for many, especially when one wishes to achieve a healthy weight. This is where Levro Legendary Mass comes in. This product contains five complete proteins with simple carbs to assist muscle growth. This, in turn, encourages lean mass growth instead of bland sugar pileups. Levro Legendary Mass is Kevin Levrone’s exclusive, as a healthy mass is your go-to partner with intense training and athletic performance.

Levro Pump

Interestingly, this product has been named a “pro-workout” and not a pre-workout. Although this is a pre-workout, the Levro Pump is a pro-fitness and pro-performance product. Its ingredients and use provide a gush of fresh energy and all the necessary amino acids and minerals that keep you going through your tough workout session. The product contains L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, and Beta-alanine, which play pivotal roles in maintaining muscle health and providing strength and stamina to exercise muscles.

Levro Shield

Glutamine is an amino acid found abundantly in our bodies. It has a crucial role in maintaining cell volume and stimulating protein and glycogen synthesis. Despite its abundance, its natural production is only limited. Glutamine depletion can be pretty quick for people who engage in regular strenuous exercise for extended periods, resulting in an overall deficiency. This is why individuals engaging in regular, intense training need supplementation. Kevin Levrone understands the importance of Glutamine supplementation, which is why this supplement is a part of the signature series. This easily soluble powder is sourced from barley, a natural miracle grain, and makes a perfect combination of BCAA and other supplements.

Levro Whey Supreme

Truly a top product, the Levro Whey Supreme is a class apart in whey protein concentrates. Whey protein concentrates contain all 20 essential amino acids, and some carbohydrates to assist in healthy weight maintenance and muscle growth and regeneration. Levro Whey Supreme contains EAAs and BCAAs for additional muscle support. This tasty meal supplement in exciting, refreshing flavors can add life to any boring meal plan and boost your fitness.

Levro BCAA

Every BCAA supplement in the market has leucine and other BCAAs in a 3:1:1 ratio. Kevin Levrone proves himself the uncrowned king by adding more leucine in his signature BCAA supplement by providing a 4:1:1 balance. This means more leucine is present than what competitors are offering. Leucine is an amino acid that has exclusive muscle-building functions. More medicine means better and faster muscle recovery and unprecedented support. This product is free from sugars, so you can use it with confidence without the fear of putting on weight. This makes it equally impressive for people who engage in weight loss plans but wish to gain lean muscle.


Kevin Levrone Signature series is undoubtedly a result of thorough research and the expertise of a veteran bodybuilder. No layperson can present us with such incredible products. The series has each product catering to an exclusive fitness concern and perfectly addresses it.

Although the bodybuilding legend has given us his best, it is up to us to make sure we buy only from authorized dealers. NutroJenix works in direct liaison and dealership with Kevin Levrone. This means that every Kevin Levrone Signature Series product you purchase from NutroJenix is THE Kevin Levrone product.

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