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How to Bulk Up : A Beginner’s Guide To Muscle Growth


Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts perform several exercises and train for hours to attain their target physique and weight. The picture-perfect images appear appealing, but to get there requires effort and necessary processes. One such process is Bulking Up. We guide you in detail about what Bulking Up is and how to bulk up to attain the perfect muscle growth.

Introduction to Bulking Up

Bulking up is a term commonly used by bodybuilders, and refers to a process in which bodybuilders consume more calories than their body needs, accompanied with intense weight training. Bulking Up process spans to a time of 4 – 6 months. After the Bulking phase comes cutting phase and maintenance phase. Some simply follow the maintenance phase after bulking up.

How to Bulk Up

The process of bulking has several steps. It requires special diets and exercise regimens to achieve desired results. Remember, the process of bulking up is a process of 4 – 6 months. Thus, the necessary motivation and consistency is needed.

1.        Eat a High-Calorie Diet

The first step to bulking up is to take a diet rich in calories. The goal is to consume more calories than the body needs, so that the additional calories store in the body. However, do not eat too much of calories. The total calorie count should be just above the maintenance requirement.

2.       Maintain Protein Intake

A high calorie diet may lack in proteins. Therefore, it is a good idea to take additional amounts of proteins. Proteins are the building blocks of life and play vital role in building organs, tissues, and muscles. Additional protein is available in the form of protein bars, meals and shakes. Protein supplements in the form of Whey Protein shakes is immensely popular nowadays. Brands such as Rule1, Optimum Nutrition, Insane Labz and more have top rated protein powders that have proven results.

3.       Increase Carbohydrate Intake

Carbohydrates act as the body’s fuel during intense training. Heavy weight lifting and strength endurance is an important component of Bulk up process. This is why, for those who ask “how to bulk up”, the answer is to consume many carbs. Carbohydrates breakdown as energy sources useful during exercise sessions.

4.       Incorporate Creatines

Creatine is proven to increase strength and speed up muscle recovery during intense strenuous exercises. Creatine also provides a burst of energy. For this purpose, it is a good idea to add sufficient amount of creatine to the daily diet plan. Creatine is available as a supplement also. Top brands have quality creatine supplements. MT researches its creatine products for results and effectiveness. It is best to consult with a fitness trainer before choosing which creatine to use.

5.       Train Frequently and Intensely

To Gain Muscle or Muscle Growth, it is important to lift heavy weight in reps of 8 – 12 reps in every set. Squats and bench presses focus on the target muscles and enhances muscle shape and growth. Start with a low range, and consistently increase it until high range is achieved. Do not jump to higher reps in a short time. Maintain a workout routine and let muscles achieve rhythm with it before progressing to heavier training.

6.       Get Enough Sleep

Strange as it may sound, but a good night’s sleep is a miracle drug. 7 – 8 hours of sleep is necessary to recover torn and fatigued muscles, and maintain a healthy nervous and functional system. The body has significant at-rest functions that are more important when the body is already under training stress.

7.       Stay Consistent

Remember, Bulking is not an overnight achievement. As mentioned earlier, it is a process of 4 – 6 months. Therefore, stay focused and consistent. Make sure not to set unreasonable targets. Realistic goals maintain motivation and consistency. Keep record of weight gain and monitor your workout and diet closely.

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Bulking up requires motivation, consistent diet, intense training and proper supplementation. It is a process that is incomplete and ineffective without professional guidance. NutroJenix is the answer to all these concerns. At NutroJenix, there is a wide range of protein powders, creatines and other support nutrition to kick-start your bulk up process. NutroJenix also has a team of professional trainers and instructors pro in their fields to provide the best assistance and exclusive diet and training programs.

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