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Certified Fitness Trainer In Lahore : Q & A With Zohaib Kamran

Certified Fitness Trainer
Certified Fitness Trainer

The new fitness trends are accompanied with new challenges too. The desire for the perfect physique brings along its own challenges. The right product in the wrong hands or the wrong exercise done at the right time shall not yield the desired outcomes. Luckily, there are now certified fitness trainers in Lahore too, who are pro with what they do and are always there to help those in need of proper guidance in their fitness journeys.

One such gem is Zohaib Kamran, and NutroJenix feels privileged to get an opportunity to discuss his passion and profession with him.

Hi Zohaib, How are you?

I am great, thank you. Rather, I am blessed and happy to be here with you.

Before we proceed with other questions, we would like to know a bit about your early education

Talking about my academic experience, I have done my Bachelors in Business Administration from FAST University, Lahore. After that, I went to the UK for my Masters and completed my Masters in Finance from the Middlesex University.

Wow! you have traveled the world. So, Zohaib, your acedemic background is in the field of business studies. Where did bodybuilding step in?

That is an interesting question. Although I have studied business administration, fitness and bodybuilding was my passion. As a young man, I was inspired by those picture-perfect physiques of athletes and sportspersons and their lifestyles were quite an attraction. While I was in the UK, I observed how much people focused on fitness. They have certification, trainings, degrees and whatnots, solely dedicated to fitness and sports training. That really motivated me to give it a shot.

We know that you are one of the few certified fitness trainer in Lahore. Tell us about your certifications

Yes, I completed my first certification in 2012. It was REPS Level 2 and I completed it from the Cavalier sports Academy in London, followed by REPS Level 3, which I completed in 2014 from the same institute’s branch in Dubai. Later, I went to Denmark and completed my REPS Level 4 from there in 2016. So now, yes, by the grace of God, I can call myself a certified fitness trainer.

Zohaib we understand how our culture has some stereotypes regarding our career choices. How did that affect you or your choice to pursue fitness training as a career?

You are right, here in our society, the society in general has a set career path for their children. For boys it’s either engineering, IT, or business. But frankly, I have experienced it and learned that when you are truly motivated and driven towards a path, things just naturally work out for you. Although I have a degree in Finance, my passion perfectly tagged along. Honestly, I did not completely sideline my professional degree and I have been working with some top-notch organizations, but as I said, my passion just stood out and even my employers not only understood it but also made the best out of it.

well, in that case, how have you managed both your professional degree and your fitness certifications?

Well, honestly, thankfully I didn’t really have to manage anything, or choose between business administration or personal fitness training. Miraculous as it may sound, but my professional qualification in the field of finance and business, and my interest-driven certifications as a trainer have always progressed simultaneously. My fitness-training career began before my business profession did. I pursued fitness training and bodybuilding training along with my certifications. In 2011, I had begun giving professional fitness training at a gym named Muscle Work in London. I worked there for about a year. Later I served 3 years at Nashwan Gym in Sharjah, UAE, as a personal trainer and gym manager. My career related to my professional degree began a bit later when I was associated with Nissan Motors in Dubai where I was a Finance Executive by day and personal trainer after office hours. In 2017, I was appointed as General Manager of City Housing Pvt. Limited here in Lahore. Here at Citi Housing, my peers understood my skill as a certified fitness trainer and so I was appointed as the Personal Trainer at City Housing Fitness Center.

We understand that you have also been involved in teaching. how doe that link to fitness traning?

Yes, you’re right. I taught an English foundation course in Denmark as a visiting lecturer. From 2017 to 2021, I taught at the University of Sialkot as a visiting lecturer. Now I am an Assistant Professor there by the Grace of God. Training, instructing, and teaching, they are all inter-related. They all involve ensuring your trainee understands you and that you are able to communicate the basics. My experience as a lecturer has helped me a lot in my fitness training. As instructor, it is important to know how to communicate and ensure understanding of your student.

You are one lucky man, Zohaib. what services do you provide to your clients?

My extensive certifications allow me to help my clients in a number of fitness goals. I provide one-on-one trainings and consultations to regular fitness enthusiasts as well as special attention cases where an athlete wants to gain muscle, or a trainee wishes to cut down on fat. I can provide people with training sessions at their homes or in their own gyms, as per their comfort.

From your experience, what would you like to suggest to people out there?

One thing that I have truly learned and experienced is that one must never limit him or herself to a certain path. Many youngsters out there end up giving up on their dreams merely because their aspirations do not fit into the social setup. The point is you do not necessarily have to make a definite choice. Our interests can be our professions. It that does not seem possible, our passions and professions can go along. All we need is motivation.

That is very true. thank you so much Zohaib for being with us in this very enlightening conversation

The pleasure is all mine. It has been a great time and I am thankful to Nutro Jenix for providing a platform where certified fitness trainer as myself can talk about their experiences and motivate others too.

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