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Best Time to Take BCAA & How Time Affects BCAA Effectiveness


The sports industry in Pakistan has witnessed a surge in the past couple of years. People are not only more concerned about achieving a perfect health and physique, but also take keen interest in fitness sports. Recently, Pakistan has emerged on the arena of fitness sports such as bodybuilding and other competitive sports such as the Olympics. To be a winner in these sports, participants need necessary nutrition and supplementation. In addition, they require exclusive Best BCAA supplement and the other products to cater to their individual needs and assist in praise-worthy performance.

BCAAs are an effective supplement to deliver exclusive branched chain amino acids. They have become increasingly popular among elite and aspiring athletes and bodybuilders due to the unprecedented benefits that they have to offer. The sports industry in Pakistan has also matched the pace and introduced the best BCAA supplements from renowned brands. BCAA price in Pakistan varies according to brand and their overall ingredient profile. However, they are not a one-size-fits-all thing. Different BCAAs will be considered the best BCAA supplement for different users. The time at which each supplement is used varies and also affects its efficacy.

In this article, we offer a brief introduction to BCAAs, how they benefit the body, and take an analysis at the times at which BCAA supplements are used and conclude as to which is the most effective time to take BCAAs supplements.

Firstly, What are BCAAs?

BCAAs are the abbreviation for Branched Chain Amino Acids. They are an exclusive group of amino acids that have branched structures. Their names are Valine, Leucine and Isoleucine and they are among the 20 essential amino acids that a human body needs from food sources. Our bodies do not synthesize these amino acids. The BCAAs are exclusive in their function. They work on the muscles and regenerate them. This is why they are categorized as an exclusive type of amino acid and manufacturers of fitness supplements produce them as a separate sports supplement from other proteins.

Benefits of BCAAs

BCAAs have unmatched benefits especially for the muscles. Some of these benefits are:

Reduce Fatigue of Muscles: BCAAs inhibit the production of a compound named tryptophan. Tryptophan is responsible for the synthesis of hormone serotonin. Serotonin induces feelings of relaxation and fatigue. Therefore, by inhibiting production of tryptophan, BCAAs basically reduce fatigue.

Lessen Muscle Damage: BCAAs relieve muscle soreness that is a common repercussion of intense exercise.

Encourage Muscle Growth: BCAAs promote muscle regeneration. As their specialty of being branched-chain aminos, they are responsible for the synthesis of muscle protein.

Support Immunity: Surprisingly, BCAAs can also provide immunity support for the body. The primary function of providing immunity is of the compound glutamine. However, if glutamine levels in the body are low, BCAAs can be converted to glutamine and perform immunity support actions for the body.

Source of Energy: Similar to providing immunity, BCAAs can also breakdown to provide energy to the body if the glucose level in the body s insufficient to perform this action. However, this may result in muscle degeneration, as the body will have to burn down protein to provide energy to the body.

When to Take BCAAs

Different BCAA supplements have different times at which they can be used. Different manufacturers suggest varying dosage times.

Before Workout

Some BCAA supplements work best when used some time before a workout. This allows BCAA to incorporate into the bloodstream and readily be available to exercising muscles. Such BCAA supplements are taken 20 – 30minutes before beginning exercise regimen. Many trainers claim such BCAAs to be the best BCAA supplements as they are available for full muscle support beforehand and thus prevent muscle fatigue. Many pre-workouts incorporate BCAAs in their ingredients for these reasons.

During Workout

Some BCAA supplements suggest that they should be used during workouts. This means that a trainer takes a serving of BCAA supplement in the middle of a workout. This particularly benefits athletes and sportspersons such as cyclists, marathon runners or swimmers. Their sport requires physical activity involved with distance for a periods of time. Such sportspersons do not have a fixed training time, but they need to increase their speed and reduce their performance time. Such individuals take BCAA supplements in the middle of their training sessions to relieve tired muscles and prevent muscle soreness for the training followed.

After Workout

For many users, the best BCAA supplements are those that are used after a workout session. They work their wonders on tired and fatigued muscles and relieve soreness and muscle wear and tear. A BCAA serving after workout or training session replenishes and regenerates active muscles and continue to do so until the next training session.

So What is the Best Time to Take BCAA Supplement?

The best time for a BCAA supplement depends on several factors. It is not merely the time, but supplements that offer different intake timings suggest so based on their BCAA content. However, a common opinion of trainers suggests that the best time to use a BCAA supplement is at the end of a workout routine. This time allows the supplement enough time to work on tired muscles. Our bodies have special “anabolic” times when muscle building and regeneration processes occur. a BCAA supplement after workout allows the amino acids to be present during this process and regain muscle strength and volume.

Where to find the Best BCAA supplement?

Different retailers and distributors have varying brands and different BCAA price in Pakistan. They stock different BCAA from brands of their choice. However, from a consumer point of view, you must always look for the most authentic retailer selling only authentic and certified BCAA supplements by the world-renowned brands.

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