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All You Need To Know About Mass Gainer

In today’s fitness-driven world, having a good, straight out of a magazine cover physique has become a requirement one has to meet. Some jog for miles, lift weight, exercise, do yoga, aerobics, and whatnot to shed those extra pounds to achieve their goal. Others have a different strategy. They also perform exercises and weightlifting but for altogether different purposes. They do so to gain extra pounds and add the desired curves to their lean, skinny bodies. Just like supplements that aid in weight loss, there is support nutrition that achieves the opposite results. They are known as Weight Gainers or Mass Gainers.

Thanks to advanced technologies in fitness supplements, one does not have to struggle endlessly to pack up on extra calories or opt for steroids and other dangerous ways to gain weight. Weight gainers serve their purpose with efficiency without any side effects.

Introduction to Mass Gainers

The concept of weight gain or loss revolves around calorie intake versus calorie burn. Losing weight requires burning more calories than are consumed. To gain mass, it is the opposite. Individuals must consume more calories than they are burning. To people who generally crave eating, this might seem like a piece of cake. However, the reality is on the contrary.

Many people have a hard time eating much throughout the day. Demanding and busy routines make it difficult to spare time to make and eat high-calorie diets. Some people have a fast metabolism, while some are simply unable to eat much in a day. Mass Gainers, as the name suggests, are fitness supplements packed with essential proteins and calories that help individuals gain healthy weight. Authentic products by certified manufacturers contain good carbs and only the best ingredients to prevent any unwanted effects or reactions.


Different brands have different calories in their products. However, a standard serving of mass gainer in the form of a shake typically gives 1200 calories. That is about 60 percent of the daily calorie requirement for weight gain. Mass gainers contain a large portion of carbohydrates. In addition, they contain proteins, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. The usual carbohydrate to protein ratio is 2:1 or 3:1, while other compositions vary with the brand. Some brands also offer less than 1000 calorie packaging for those who do not need high calories in their daily plan.

The total calorie in a mass gainer varies with brands. For example, Mass-Tech Performance by MT contains 840 calories per serving, while Mass Superior by Challenger Nutrition contains 1000 calories in a serving. Hyper Gain by Hyper Strength has 1336 calories per serving. Muscle Juice by Ultimate Muscle gives 2600 calories in a serving, while the Gain Fat by Universal has a whopping 3100 calories!

It means that people can opt for their desired products to fulfill their needs.

Dosage and Use

Different mass gainer brands have various recommendations of dosage and time of use. Dosage varies mainly according to the total number of calories required by the user. Inner Armour recommends adding2 scoops of mass gainer in 800ml of water and drinks it 2 to 3 times a day. On the other hand, Russian Bear 10000 suggests 1 – 2 scoops 2 to 3 times a day. Ultimate Muscle only needs two servings a day while Gain Fast requires 1 – 3. So serving size and frequency again varies with brands.

Commonly, mass gainers are consumed in the form of shakes. They can be mixed with water or added in juices, blended into a shake, or made into a smoothie. Taking mass gainers with milk is also beneficial but is not recommended for people with

It is usually recommended to take mass gainers after a workout because that is when the muscles are tired and the body is in its full metabolic action, which allows efficient assimilation of the product in the body.


Mass gainers are most effective only when used in the right way. There is a widespread misconception that mass gainers can help gain weight exclusively. The fact is they are “meal supplements” and not “meal replacements.” They are most efficient when taken alongside a balanced diet rich in proteins, fibers, vitamins, and healthy carbs. Healthy carbs refer to carbohydrates from healthy and natural sources only and not by consuming junk food.

Additionally, exercise is important to make mass gainers take effect. Exercise is not limited to gym training. Light exercises such as jogging, dancing, or yoga are also effective.

Although they have no side effects, mass gainers should be taken after consultation with physicians or health experts. People with underlying health conditions such as diabetes or hypertension need to be especially careful. It is best to consult a physician before opting for such supplements.

To Sum it Up

Mass gainers are an amazing supplement for people who struggle to gain weight or maintain their ideal weight. Different brands with different calorie compositions are available. Individuals can pick the one best suited to their needs and purpose. It is important to start using supplements after expert consultation and buy only from an authentic store.

NutroJenix is associated with the fitness supplement industry for several years and stocks only certified products from authentic brands. It guarantees the genuineness of the product and has the service of expert consultation from people who have specialized in the field of nutritional supplements and fitness.

Feel free to book your consultation or shop with ease and confidence at our retail outlet in Johar Town, Lahore, Pakistan, or shop online.

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