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NutroJenix is a haven for those fitness-conscious gym enthusiasts out there who have unlocked the secret to a healthy lifestyle, and a beacon of hope for those who are yet to discover the magic of nutritional supplements for wellness and vigor. Our purpose is to use our vast knowledge of sports supplements and performance boosters for the benefit of our customers. We cater to nutritional needs of athlete, bodybuilders, gym goers, and even those couch potatoes who desire fitness but give in to their tough routines and sedentary lifestyles. At NutroJenix, we do not merely sell but also share tips and exercises for a healthy lifestyle and successful bodybuilding. From youngsters to the elderly, aspiring athletes and sports persons to the lady next door, our sole purpose is build a good reputation and an everlasting bond with each of our customers to make sure their fitness journey is a success.


NutroJenix is for all those in search of the right product to kick-start their workout routines and deliver the best results in less time. But we do not wish to settle with just that. Our passion for introducing the best products for our customers keeps us going. We are determined to ensure that the best fitness products manufactured by world-class international brands reach our local consumers too. We envision being a benchmark name for authentic supplement suppliers from word leading companies of fitness boosters. Our ultimate goal is to be at the apex of quality and perfection.

Our Story

NutroJenix began its journey in 2014 from the high-rise life of Dubai. Being young gym enthusiasts, the owners understood the importance of sports supplements and support nutrition for optimal results. They also knew how this particular industry faced a lag in Pakistan with little or no awareness of the significance of nutrition supplements to boost gym performance and improve results.

Aspirations to start a profitable business coupled with a good relationship with one of the biggest supplement suppliers of the UAE, along with the knowledge of an awareness gap regarding this field, these young men decided to bring the novel industry of sports supplement to their home country. Thus NutroJenix was formed. Since then, NutroJenix has introduced top sports supplement brands such as Optimum Nutrition, Rule 1, and many more to consumers across the world and particularly in Pakistan. What makes NutroJenix exclusive is its commitment to delivering only the best and pure products to its customers. Since its inception, NutroJenix has strived to ensure that its customers get the best and most suited product according to their needs.

NutroJenix emerged as the brainchild of two young gym enthusiasts who understood the importance of sports supplements to boost exercises efficiency and get a better build and were aware of how Pakistan lacked the awareness of performance boosters to accelerate workout efficiency. Their determination to set up a successful business coupled with the desire to introduce the miracles of fitness diets to aspiring gym junkies of Pakistan led to the establishment of NutroJenix.
Since beginning in 2014, NutroJenix has efficiently combined its knowledge of workout nutrition and good terms with leading supplement suppliers of UAE to provide quality products from leading brands such as Optimum Nutrition, Muscle Tech, Rule 1, and many more to consumers across the world. What makes NutroJenix exclusive is its commitment to delivering only the best products to its customers.


Authenticity Guarantted
Our customers are our assets. That is why we only sell certified products from the best brands, keeping in mind the satisfaction and trust of our customers.
Top Brands at One Place
Optimum Nutrition, Muscle Tech, Rule 1; you name them, we have them. We are on the constant lookout for the best top trending brands for fitness supplements and workout boosters so we can present them to our clients.
Real People, Real Reviews
We build ourselves around the trust and reliability of our people and deeply value the opinions of our customers. The ideas and feedback of each of our buyers is a source of inspiration for us and serves as the catalyst to keep us striving for the best.
Secure Payments
NutroJenix provides a variety of flexible payment options. Our customers can get the product of their choice by shopping at our outlets or by ordering online through various online payment options as well as Cash-on-delivery.
Quality at Your Doorsteps
Every order received at NutroJenix is handled with care, packed with attention and delivered in secure packaging to guarantee preserved quality of the product. Our dispatch team works devotedly to deliver the best products packed under our signature quality standards. We offer hassle-free delivery at your doorsteps while local customers can enjoy same-day delivery services.
Exceptional Customer Service
Our dedicated customer services teams operate round the clock to provide prompt and professional responses to ensure a smooth and impeccable shopping experience for every individual.
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