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A Complete Guide To Online Supplement Selection And Shopping

In the past recent years, shopping trends have changed a lot. Lifestyle changes and busy routines have made it difficult for people to spare time and visit retail outlets to shop for their desired items. The outbreak of the novel Coronavirus shifted the shopping trends online. Clothing to prescription medicines, groceries to household items, everything is now available in the palms of our hands. Consumers can now browse through countless brands and online stores to compare prices, varieties, and much more.

Interestingly, individuals can even shop online for fitness supplements. However, like other online shopping experiences, supplement shopping can become a nightmare if not done correctly. Shopping online for sports supplements is a sensitive matter as it has a direct impact on one’s health and wellbeing. This article aims to guide individuals on points to ponder while shopping online for fitness, vitamin and nutrition supplements.


Before you decide to browse the internet for your favorite product, always consult your physician or an expert. A certified medical practitioner will guide whether you do need a supplement or not. If yes, they can recommend the most suited product according to your needs. Gym goers can consult with their trainers and discuss the need for fitness supplements. It is crucial to consult with certified trainers and physicians only as an inexperienced person may give inaccurate advice.

Supplement Recommendation

Trainers or physicians can recommend the most suitable product according to individual needs. Some people may need Whey Protein, while others may be recommended to go for Fat Burners. Each product is designed to cater to different needs. It is best to ask for an expert opinion to pick the one that suits you best.

Supplement Selection

There are hundreds of brands manufacturing the same product. So how are they different? Several factors differentiate between brands.


Although they might appear similar on the outside, brands have different product compositions on the inside. Variations of some percentages matter a lot. For example, a weight-gaining enthusiast may require 1200 calories per day while another may need only 800 calories. Although both have the same target, their intake will vary according to their current body statistics.


Different brands offer the same product. However, some might be better than others. Although brand selection is usually a matter of personal preference, people often opt for renowned brands due to their formulation and authenticity.


For some, value for money is the key factor when searching for products. When it comes to supplementing selection, there is a common perception that a pricier product may be better. In reality, the efficiency of a product depends more on its composition than its price.


It is always a good idea to search the internet for product reviews. Although there are chances of stumbling upon paid reviews, it is best to do thorough research in this area. Always read or watch several reviews for the same product to have an idea about what users think of the product. A good product is bound to get good reviews. Paid reviews are always easily identifiable. 

Shopping Online

With something as important as a fitness supplement, many people prefer not to take the risk of shopping online. They prefer retail outlets as they offer more security. However, this may not be entirely true. Retail outlets can sell fake products that cost people their money and their health. It is a good idea to search for brands that offer online supplement Selection And Shopping and at their retail outlets. This adds to the overall score of the brand and guarantees that the seller is certified.

Currently, there are tons of websites, pages, and distributors that claim to sell authentic and certified products. The real obstacle is determining which one is living up to its claims. People mostly opt for google searches to look for a store, and randomly click the link that appears first. However, keep in mind that several stores pay google to place their websites at the top, commonly termed as Google Ads. An ad placed at the top of searches can guarantee that the business has lots of money, but does not guarantee quality products. Certain factors can help in this respect too.

Word of Mouth

As Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook puts it, “Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend.” People are the best critics. Therefore, it is best to listen to what they have to say. A good supplement store will earn a good review. Always shop from a brand that has good reviews; real ones from real people. Do not fall for the paid reviews gimmick.     

Website Interface

Although it might sound strange, the interface of a supplement website tells a lot about itself. A targeted interface with a detailed yet easy layout is bound to attract more potential buyers than the one with twisted and complicated navigations. 

Reviews Section

Always look for the “Reviews” section of the product categories. Authentic stores never hide their reviews. Any website or page with the reviews section missing is a red flag. Avoid such sellers.

Easy Options

Buyers always go for websites that offer flexible payment and delivery options. The restriction of paying by credit cards or the absence of cash-on-delivery tends to steer customers away. Go for websites that offer convenient payments and deliveries. That is why you are shopping online in the first place, remember?

The All-in-One Website

To find a place that fits all of the above criteria would be a dream come true. To everyone’s relief, NutroJenix is the exact answer to all the aforementioned points. NutroJenix is a retail brand offering the best fitness and nutritional supplements from around the world and has an extensive website designed especially for those who wish to shop for their desired products within the comforts of their homes. NutroJenix also provides consultations and diet/exercise plans for fitness enthusiasts to kick-start their fitness journey.

Feel free to visit our state-of-the-art outlet at Johar Town, Lahore, or shop online.

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