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7 Benefits Of Protein Powders You Did not Know

Benefits of protein powder

From the ’90s onwards human race has witnessed the fastest pace of technological growth like never before, be it the transformation of the telecom industry, transportation, medical advancements, fashion, or personal care, every aspect of human life has witnessed a drastic change. This has never been seen before. Technological advancement has impacted human life adversely. Also, a healthy lifestyle is slowly diminishing, and people are forced to survive in cramped spaces.

Tiny accommodation space, streets, and roads choked by cars and lorries, and factories emitting deadly smoke from their chimneys have polluted the air so much that clean air has become scarce for people living in the urban areas. It is not the artificial intelligence now but also the food we are forced to consume. Leading a healthy life only depending on our regular diet is a far cry now.

Health care professionals are not behind in this race of technological advancement. They are playing their part by offering solutions that reduce the risks we are exposed to and enable us to get the max out of the limited physical activity options.

Protein’s role in the human body is known to every living human now, and experts have played a pivotal role in making the essential proteins available for us in easy-to-consume ways. Protein powders are a great example in this respect.

What is Protein

Protein is an organic compound class with large molecules composed of multiple long chains of amino acids; these organic compounds are essential for all living organisms. Protein makes the structure of the body tissues, muscles, hair, etc.

Protein Sources

Nature has made protein available for us via several natural sources: seafood, white meat (poultry), eggs, dairy products like milk, cheese, yogurt, beans, etc. Milking is considered at the top of the list regarding protein concentration and its extraction in raw form.

It is the product that grants access to vital proteins in a spoon full.

Protein Powder

It result from extracting protein from animals, and plant foods dairy, rice, and peas are good examples. Protein powders are available in 3 forms commonly:

  1. Protein Concentrates

2. Protein Isolates

3. Protein Hydrolysates

All the above three are protein powders but are formulated by introducing other ingredients to the protein powders.

We know protein is important, but how important are the benefits? Out of several benefits that its offer, let’s discuss seven most of us did not know.

Muscle Growth

As we age, our muscle mass tends to experience a natural decline, leading to the build-up of unwanted and harmful fats, resulting in chronic diseases. Consuming protein powders and exercise has proven to be useful in slowing the fat buildup process in the human body. Since protein is responsible for muscle building, it also plays a vital part in muscle repair. It offer excess to the essential protein in their pure form; consuming it  ensures adequate protein availability to our body, enabling it to bypass the process of protein extraction from the foods that we consume through digestion otherwise. You can buy best protein powder in pakistan from an authentic store like NutroJenix.

Lowering Blood Pressure

Due to the extreme pressures that we are exposed to due to the crazy pace of life, the number of people suffering adversely due to unstable blood pressure issues is very common. Unstable blood pressure results in fatal diseases mostly related to the heart directly. It has been proven clinically that protein powder reduces the risk of blood pressure issues; this has lowered risk is attributed to the bioactive peptides that are in abundance in dairy products from which the protein powders are extracted, e.g., cheese. Protein powders are full of cytokinins that have beneficial effects in regulating blood pressure. It has been proved in a study that consumption of 54 grams of protein powder by individuals who are overweight for 12 weeks has helped reduce the systolic blood pressure by 4%.

Effective Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes

Imbalance in insulin levels and high Blood sugar are attributed to type 2 diabetes. A hormone called “insulin” is responsible for stimulating blood sugar uptake in the cells and maintaining their required balance. Protein powders are attributed to keeping the blood sugar and insulin levels in balance and reducing the negative effects that may arise if any of them suffers an imbalance. Protein powders have the edge over other protein sources such as egg white and fish. Protein powders have not been proved anything less than patients’ medications to control their blood sugar and insulin levels. Consumption of protein powders after a high-carb meal has shown moderate blood sugar levels in healthy and type 2 diabetic people.

Reduced Inflammation

Inflammation is a response of our body when it suffers damage. In some cases, it can be chronic as well. Inflammation in its chronic form is a risk factor leading to several diseases. C-reactive protein or just CRP is considered an inflammation marker in the body; it has been proven that 20 grams or more daily use of protein powder can reduce CRP significantly.

Great for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Severe inflammation in the digestive tract is a characteristic of (IBD) or Inflammatory Bowel Disease. It plays a key role in preventing IBD.

Enhanced Antioxidant defense

The aging process of our body that we go through as we age is technically called biological oxidation. As we age, oxygen reacts in our body, producing free radicals responsible majorly for our body’s weakening. Anything that reduces the reaction of oxygen or oxidation is referred to as an Antioxidant. Among all antioxidants, glutathione is clearly the most important one. Glutathione levels a directly related to the supply of various amino acids; cysteine is one of them. Protein powder has high levels of cysteine present in it, and due to these high levels, they  are considered a highly effective anti-aging remedy. Protein powder increases the level of Glutathione resulting in reduced oxidative stress levels.

Effective in weight loss

They are helpful if weight loss is a consideration; protein powder offers abundant proteins that facilitate fat loss by minimizing appetite, which leads to reducing calories. They  also enhance metabolism, which burns calories faster and helps maintain muscle mass when weight loss is a priority.


The above-discussed benefits are a few that one can derive from consuming protein powder; there are several others. Protein powder intake is not beneficial for athletes but is equally beneficial for leading a normal life. It consumed in sufficient amount daily help leads a healthy life overall.

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